ready-to-dive-in-dive-pool kolam renang

ready-to-dive-in-dive-pool kolam renang

You would like a “ready to dive in” pool? An “all-inclusive” pool?

You just want to put your swimsuit on and dive in? Nothing is easier! Your Piscines Magiline dealer can install your pool.

Together, you choose and configurate your pool. It will be unique. Visit your Magiline dealer to access the complete version of the MagilineConfigurator and immediately visualise all the details of your future pool set out in your garden or home. Over 10,000 possible combinations are available: pool shapes, sizes, colours, surrounds and decks – all in one click.

pool to fit your desires and comply with the technical and environmental constraints of your terrain. In a word, he does the job for you !

Instructions for installing the pool are easy to understand and you will receive details about each step. In order to provide you with the best service and define all the details of your project, your installation engineer will assist you in defining your project and look after all the constraints, so you can just enjoy your Magiline durable and ecological pool.

Your installation engineer can also give guidance on the choice of security or leisure facilities, on water maintenance – whether manual or automatic – using our pool robots and our pool treatment products. You can thereby confidently make the most of your pool.

Piscines Magiline, a Passion for Pools.

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    June 5, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Saya ingin membuat kolam arus di rumah dengan ukuran kurang lebih 3 kali 6 kali 1 meter. Masalahnya rumah saya rumah dengan tembok lama hanya sekitar 7 tahun yang lalu dinaikan 2 tingkat, tingkat paling atas di dak. Yang ingin saya tanyakan bila saya ingin membuat kolam renang tersebut di lantai 2, apa harus membongkar semua bagian atau harus bagaimana baiknya , soalnya ada bekas bocor di lantai 1 terlihat pada bagian langit-langitnya yang berubah kuning. Di lantai 1 kosong cuma saya pergunakan untuk ruang latihan kebugaran. Terima kasih dan ditunggu balasan nya di email saya.

    belajar berenang

    September 22, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Butterfly Swimming Course adalah pilihan tepat untuk belajar berenang di bandung belajar berenang

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